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Dads - Adam’s Song (Blink 182 Cover)

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The Wonder Years | There, There

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don’t talk to boys who aren’t nice to their mothers

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Donate for your health! 


Have you ever heard a song that just makes you FEEL? Because this is that song

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I hate it when netflix pauses and asks me if im still watching like yeah you actually think i got up and started doing something with my life bitch put my show back on

I think it’s to check if you’re still alive.

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do you ever just

make a friend and think

I am so glad this friend is mine

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have you ever stayed up late with someone texting or chatting and known as the hours ticked by that you’d be ridiculously tired in the morning but it didnt matter because it was really fun and totally worth losing sleep over just to laugh with someone and enjoy their company maybe and then the next day you keep tiredly recalling how much fun it was while you’re falling asleep in class and that makes it not so bad that you’re tired anymore

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can u hear what i hear?

bless this

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Anonymous asked: I dont get it... why do you reblog EVERYTHING from that one poetry blog? is that you? if it is, why do you have separate blogs for it?

you mean sickwithsyllables? because that is me… what’s with the tude? i have a separate poetry blog because some people want my writing, some people don’t, and some people may not want pop punk and my face all over their dash.